Volumising Mascara and Primer Duo


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Volumising Primer – A Silky matte rich Indigo blue primer with conditioning peptides prepares the surface of the lashes to maximize effects of mascara application.

Volumising Mascara – Add volume & smudge-free drama to your lashes with this volumising & defining mascara.


Smoothes unruly eyelashes facilitate effortless mascara application.

Coats the lashes to instantly amplify length and fullness while preventing clumping, flaking and smudging.

Specially designed, hybrid brush thickens, defines & separates lashes.

Rich Indigo Blue pigments brighten & enhance the white of your eyes.

For best results, apply one coat of Volumizing Primer, then immediately follow with Volumizing Mascara.


The hourglass shape of the brush works to hug the lash line for a more precise application.

Wet, high-performance, clump-free formula intensifies eyelashes.

Buildable formula allows for multiple applications until desired length and volume is achieved.

Water-resistant mascara stays on throughout the day.

Gentle Removal – Comes off easily with a mild cleanser & water.

High-impact volume • Precision application • Smudge-proof wear

lengthen ● amplify ● volumise

Hypoallergenic  •  Non-irritating  •  Dermatologist Reviewed  •  Clinically Tested  •  Not Tested on Animals

Size: 7.4 mL
3 month supply


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